Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the beginning...

I miss her. I miss the original Dateable Dork. She went offline and I didn't even get to say how much I love reading her blog. Even though it was full of "sexcapades." I'm a dateable dork as well, and she just inspired me to write about how I view a lot of things, especially being the way I am.

So, not trying to steal her identity or anything, I have the same name on my blog, without "the," because there will always be one "dateable dork", and that would be THE Dateable Dork.

Lovely Dateable Dork
I bet you eat pork
Oh how I miss you so!
Why did you have to go?

The Internet is not the same
Without you in the game
However, best of luck to you
Oh friend that is true.